Mabbul and the Emerald Planet

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Mabbul and the Emerald Planet is the story of Noah’s flood.

It is told through eyewitness accounts of angels reporting to heaven through the Heavenly News Network (Scientific Division, Planet Earth).

Stationed on Earth’s moon, the angelic crew explains why God decided to destroy the earth, the source of evil, what the world looked like before the flood; How Noah built the ark. What preparations are happening in Heaven, The science behind the flood, and What it is like to stand at various locations during the flood.

Mabbul and the Emerald Planet is a complete trilogy. 400 pages.

Book One: The Beginnings — Part one: Troubles, Describes the earth as it was before the flood. The conflict between God and Satan. Why this planet is so important, and why God decided to destroy it.

Part Two: The Construction, reports on Noah as he builds the ark. how he gathered and cared for all the animals.

Book Two: The Science — Part three, The conclusion of The Heavens. This section takes place at the same time as the first two parts, so it is intertwined in those sections. these two chapters happen afterward.

Part Four: The Rupture. Gives the science behind the flood, explains why I disagree with Walt Browns beginning details. Explains the science. and watches as the mabbul arrives at various places.

Book Three: The Flood — Part Five, Mabbul and the Flood. We see life on the ark, and the effects of the flood as it progresses. Ater the basic starting conditions are set up; we then turn the crank of science and watch what happens.

Part Six, Recovery.

Then the story grew.

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